About the System

“The Real Combat System was set in motion by Geoff Thompson during his now famous career as a doorman. The techniques have been tried and tested in the reality arena and we personally dont think you can argue with the truth.

When it comes to self defence we teach what works in reality, not in a book but reality. The vast majority of this is avoidance, awareness and pre-emption if needed.

We welcome EVERYONE with open arms and we pride ourselves on offering on-going support and treat everyone in the system as a friend.

The feedback we get from people has been amazing, for example on our master classes we have changed countless peoples lives. People who have suffered abuse and trauma, people stuck in jobs or relationships that they hate, people who are depressed or lost in some way, we help them all.

Our system is about personal growth and yes we do access this through the physical but the physical is just one aspect of what we do. We want people to grow physically, psychologically and spiritually.

We live by what we say, we haven’t got back up jobs (not that there is anything wrong with that) but this is what we do. We dont tell people that they can change their lives while we dont change our own. We have both got the bollocks to stand up and say this is who I am and this is what I believe to the whole world (try it, it is very hard)

What you see is how it is, we might not have the best newsletters or fanciest emblems around, but we are our message, we live it and thats rare.

Come and meet us, you will be welcomed with open arms, you will be accepted and you will become part of a growing community, you will have a laugh, you will learn and you will grow.”

Tony Somers and Matty Evans