Testimonials for the Real Combat System

I cannot think of a bigger source of positivity than with you guys and your colleagues – what you see is what you get…love it! X

Jacqui Fisher

As a full time doorman for years, and frontline security personnal I can personally vote my confidence in the RCS put together in the beginning by Geoff Thompson, and taught by yourselves. I use the same system virtually in mine, it works front line believe me !!

Tony Masonhttp://www.breconcombatkyokushinselfprotectonmma.com/

I’ve never met a school to be as open mined as the RCS. The people that also attend are great and I’ve been training for 22 years! Teaching for around 7 and always learn something new! I feel very blessed to train under Tony & Matty and highly privileged to train alongside some of the best martial artist, MMA and toughest people on this planet x

Steve Neal

I can vouch for these guys 100% brilliant, you won’t get better instruction and such nice people.

Darren Jackson

Tony and Matty are excellent coaches and extremely kind and helpful !!  I’ve always had a great time learning from them both

Chris Crossan

I have been in martial arts for 31 years, met and trained with some true greats. But when I met Geoff, Tony and a bit later Matty my whole world changed, these guys are the real deal, the best!

Craig Penman

I can think of no 2 better people than you and Matty to head up the Real Combat System. I’m proud to have been part of it with all you guys back in those early days. These techniques have definitely saved my life on several occasions during my career on the door too, so I completely support you when you say they work-they most certainly do. I will always support you guys and continue to send our students and friends to your classes. We all change directions but we should never forget our roots and who has helped us along the way. I, for one, owe you and Matty, alot for all your help and friendship over the years. Good luck with RCS x

Al Peaslandhttp://completeselfprotection.com/