May 2017 Workshop

RCS Instructors Course Session 1

Real Combat System Self Defence Instructors Course

Learn How To Become A Self Defence Instructor With The Real Combat System

The next Real Combat System Self Defense Instructors Course starts in Feb 2017.
The dates are as follows :-

Feb 11th
Feb 25th
March 11th
Apr 15th

Have you ever wanted to learn how to look after yourself and your loved ones?
Do you want to teach others how to protect themselves?
Do you want to boost your confidence and self esteem?
Do you want to earn more money?
Do you want to improve your communication skills?
Do you want to be affiliated to the fastest growing self protection system in the UK?

This programme is designed so that by the end of it you will feel confident enough in your own ability and qualified to teach basic self protection techniques and run your own classes.
You will be affiliated to the Real Combat System and as such you will get on going support and recognised my Matty, Tony, Geoff Thompson and the BCA as a Level 1 Self Defence Instructor.

On the programme we will cover:

  • Striking
  • Power striking
  • The fence and line up
  • Basic grappling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication skills
  • Awareness and avoidance techniques
  • Attack Rituals
  • The Law
  • Fear control
  • Teaching skills

Large section of personal development, learn what motivates you and what holds you back in life.

The commitment from you:
You must be able to attend all four sessions.

A total of four sessions from 10am to 3.30pm. The cost of the course is £495 – Buy your place today